Communications: Praying for Your Students

Prayer needs to be an essential part of youth ministry.

Following are some creative ways for you to keep your students in prayer.

1. Keep a list of your kids on your desk. Every day, pick one kid and pray for him or her.

2. Write notes to kids every week. Pick three, and as you write them an encouraging note, pray for each of them.

3. Before you meet, pray in each chair where your students will be seated. Many times, students keep their same seats week in and week out, so you might even be able to pray for them by name.

4. Keep a box in your meeting space where students can drop prayer requests. Take time each week to empty the box and pray for each need.

5. Text a student each day to ask him or her how you can pray for that student. When the student replies, do it immediately.

6. When a kid asks you to pray for him or her, do not just tell the student that you will do so. Stop right then and pray for that specific student.

7. Connect with parents and ask how their son or daughter is doing. Ask them how you can be praying for their child.

8. Host a special prayer night. Invite parents and other church leaders to come into your group and take turns praying for each student.

All of these are easy to do. By moving through this list, you can build a culture of prayer within your ministry that will likely rub off on your students. It will not be long before they are texting you and asking how they can pray for you!

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