Developing good habits that honor God


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Free Housecleaning
For there to be room for Jesus, we may need to do some housecleaning. Jesus wants to be the most important one to us, the Lord of our lives.
Free Lots of Stuff
We all spend a lot of time and energy trying to do many things, but do we spend time on what's really important?

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Members Only Spiritual Habits
Habits develop through repetition. By developing good spiritual habits, we deepen our relationship with God.


Members Only All Christians Are Hypocrites
Who we are inside is not always what we allow others to see. We all wear some masks. Does this mean all Christians are hypocrites?
Members Only Fasting
This lesson explores the spiritual habit of fasting, thought by some to be an extreme habit. Here we learn what fasting really is and how it can bring us closer to God when practiced correctly.
Members Only Having a Relationship With God
This lesson encourages students to develop Spiritual Habits that will help deepen their relationship with God.
Free How to Study the Bible
A practical lesson on developing good Bible study habits, so we can keep learning about Jesus and discover Spiritual Truths.
Members Only Jesus Prepares for Ministry
In this lesson, students study Christ's example on how He prepared for His ministry and how the same principals can be applied to their ministries as well.
Members Only Journaling
This lesson challenges the students to explore and experience the discipline of journaling as a way to communicate with God and grow closer to Him.
Members Only Prayer
This lesson focuses on the Spiritual habit of prayer, and provides practical ways to develop a solid prayer life that will deepen our relationship with God.
Members Only Solitude
In this world, we are distracted by many things. Finding a place to be alone can help block out these distractions so we can connect with God at a deeper level. This lesson explores why, how, and when to practice the extreme habit of solitude.
Members Only Spiritual Discipline
Paul wrote to Timothy and Titus about the importance of Spiritual Discipline, and it is something we need to know about too. It takes regular training to become more like Jesus.
Members Only Studying the Bible (Part 1)
This lesson encourages students to develop Spiritual Habits that will help them hear the voice of God through His Word.
Members Only Studying the Bible (Part 2)
This lesson shows us that our study of Scripture should be focused on one thingmaking a difference in our lives. The Bible is meant to change us.
Members Only What Are You Thinking?
We learn from the disciple Nathaniel how Jesus knows all of our thoughts and therefore the importance of developing Godly mental habits.
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