Being able to control your actions at all times. (See also choices, temptation)

Be self­-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for
someone to devour." (1 Peter 5:8)

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Members Only Picking a Fight
When is it okay to be angry?


Members Only Am I Free?
What if you had to ask permission to do whatever you wanted to do? An exercise in Christian freedom.


Members Only A Study in Dating Relationships
As Christians we need to have a counter-cultural, Biblical view of our dating relationships.
Free Be Near, Oh God
Teaching that God's presence is a large part of Christian living, and how we can grow in our spiritual discipline.
Members Only Giving It All
Through the study of the rich, young ruler, students gain an understanding why discipleship is hard, but worth it.
Free Overview of Ecclesiastes/Song of Solomon
This lesson seeks to reveal the meaning of life and the meaning of true love.
Members Only Sex, Marriage, and Jesus
This lesson examines what scripture says about sex and marriage and what changes in attitude and behavior we must make to align ourselves with the Lordship of Jesus.
Free The Truth About Media
We live in a media-saturated society, and teens are a huge target. What is the truth behind all the ads?
Free The Truth About Self-Control
Dont believe our culture's lies that bigger, faster, fancier, and more expensive are better. Contentment is the right state of mind to have.
Members Only Watch Your Mouth
Words are powerful and can be used to build someone up or tear them to shreds. Christians need to control their tongues and use their words to build people up.
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