Truth or Dare (Part 2)

Lesson 4: The Truth About Self-Control

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1. To help students realize that they sometimes live out of control
2. To emphasize the importance of Self-Control from Scripture
3. To give students practical help in living in control


Accountability, Behavior, Choices, Contentment, Discernment, Self Control

Scripture Memorization

Proverbs 25:28

OPENING PRAYER (5 to 10 minutes)

GROUP BUILDING (15 minutes)   

Dizzy Bat Race (Game) Click here 

GETTING STARTED (10 minutes)

Some things are fun when they’re out of control. Other things are not good out of balance. It is simply wrong to let yourself get spiritually out of control. 

• What was the craziest fun time you’ve ever had?
• What made it fun?

DIGGING IN (25 minutes)

The Bible is clear that we need to exercise self-control. Check out the memory verse for the week, Proverbs 25:28.
It says, “Like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who lacks self-control.”

Discussion Questions:
1. What do you think Proverbs 25:28 means?
2. Why do you think it’s so important that we have self-control?

There are numerous Scriptures that talk about self-control. Let's cover a few of them.

Read Galatians 5:22-23.

Self-control is a fruit of the Spirit. If you are living a life in the Spirit, you will exercise self-control.

Discussion Questions:
1. Does this mean, then, that someone living without self-control is not living in the Spirit?
2. As you look around our world, what are some ways you see people living out of control? (Drug abuse, alcoholism, promiscuity, overeating, gambling, etc.)

Our society is filled with indulgent people. It is very difficult, especially in America, to find someone who keeps themselves in check. Moderation is not a value. Instead, we live in excess.

Indulgence: When is Enough, Enough? 

• We don’t think having a home is enough, we want a big house.
• We don’t think an iPod shuffle is sufficient, we want a high-gig iPod touch.
• We aren’t content with a car, we want a brand new car.
• We don’t settle for our old gaming console, we want the newest gaming console.

Get the idea? We live in excess. We don’t exercise self-control. Instead, we indulge in whatever we want, whenever we want it. We do this in everything: our habits, lusts, entertainment, and relationships. We want the most friends on Facebook, the fastest Internet connection, and the quickest fix. We don’t e-mail much anymore; we prefer instant messaging. We don’t cook in an oven; we cook in a microwave. We don’t fix what is broken; we buy a brand new one. We find shortcuts; we look for the easiest way.

The weird thing is, the Bible said this would happen. It predicted that, in time, we would not be able to control ourselves.

Read 2 Timothy 3:1-5

Discussion Questions:
1. Do you think this sounds similar to today?
2. Why do you think living like this could be dangerous?
3. What is it inside us that makes us impatient?
4. Why can’t we trust God to provide what we need? Why is our want list so large?

To sum up, let’s read 2 Peter 1:5-6.

MAKING IT REAL (15 minutes)

We want to be sure that you know you can live in control. There are some practical ways to be sure you’re not living out of balance.

Workbook  Activity 

Contentment is a Blessing

1. Learn to be content. Settle for simple things. Don’t be obsessed with  more. Settle for less on purpose. (See Philippians 4:11)
2. Ask yourself, what do you really need? (See 1 Timothy 6:8)
3. Realize that contentment is a sign of trust in God (See Hebrews 13:5)
4. When you’re tempted to indulge in something you shouldn’t, think  of all the blessings you already have. Thank God for them out loud.
5. Tell someone what you struggle with, ask that person to hold you accountable.

Whatever you do, don’t believe the lie our culture tells us that bigger, faster, fancier, and more expensive is better. We should be content with what we have, for it is right.

CLOSING PRAYER (2 minutes)

Pray that you can be content. Think of all the people who have less than you do. Pray that you will never believe that to have more means to be more. Pray that you can trust God. Ask God to help you be grateful for what you have.

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