Living together in harmony (See also Family and Body of Christ)

May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among
yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus" Romans 15:5

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Members Only How to Survive
Can your group reach an agreement quickly enough to survive?
Members Only Partners
A silent search around the room to find a famous counterpart.
Members Only Strength in Numbers
Some things are impossible to do alone, but with the help of others, we can work together to easily accomplish our goals.


Members Only Back Me Up
As the group grows larger and larger, it becomes more difficult to stand, but it can be done when everyone backs each other up.

Tips for Leaders

Free Communication: The Newcomer
Bridging the communication gap between the newcomer and the rest of the class
Free Group Building: Becoming One (Achieving Unity)
A question often asked is, “How can we unify our group?” Whether you encounter aggressive boys or drama among the girls, there are many obstacles along the path toward mutual respect and unity.


Members Only A Study in Dating Relationships
As Christians we need to have a counter-cultural, Biblical view of our dating relationships.
Members Only Christian Partnership
Discover from Paul's letter to the Philippians the power of Christian partnership, and how we need it to lift each other up.
Members Only Ephesians: Salvation and Our Response
Help students comprehend the basic themes of Ephesians
Free I Got Your Back
A lesson on how to build strong relationships and look out for one another as genuine brothers and sisters in Christ.
Members Only I Must Be Perfect to Come to Church
We are God's Workmanship created to do good works, but we do not have to be perfect before coming to Christ--Come as you are!
Members Only It Is Not Meant to Divide Us
This lesson inspires students to unite around the purpose of Revelation instead of dividing over its interpretation.
Members Only My Place
The Church is much larger than an event, building, or even a sermon. This lesson helps students understand their place within the body and the practical implications of giving themselves to Christ.
Members Only Observing Communion
When we come to a communion service, we need to understand that we are entering a holy time with God. This lesson will help prepare students to have the right attitudes.
Members Only Our Connection to Each Other
This lesson on the book of Colossians places emphasis on understanding our connection to each other.
Members Only Philemon
This lesson on Philemon inspires students to to live a life of faithfulness despite their circumstances.
Members Only The Church: Belonging
This lesson inspires the students to really become part of the local church, to gather and grow regularly and join in its mission to change the world.
Members Only The Family
The Church is a spiritual family, and all believers are members. In this lesson, students discover the significance of being children of a loving Father under the leadership of Christ.
Members Only The Kingdom: King David (Part 2)
As students continue their study of David, they are encouraged to live united and just lives.
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