The ability to apply spiritual knowledge and experience in different situations (See also discernment, knowledge)

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Members Only How to Survive
Can your group reach an agreement quickly enough to survive?


Members Only Historical Fact or Fabrication?
Can you recognize what is historical fact and what is complete historical fabrication? Truth is often stranger than fiction, or is it?

Object Talks

Free Pure Gospel
We must only put our faith in the pure Gospel of Christ.


Members Only Do What You Believe
Students learn that their faith must be expressed in deeds,so that God may be glorified. James teaches us that Faith without deeds is dead.
Free Ethics and Morality (Part 1)
Ethics and morality are the most controversial subjects of our modern times. On some subjects, the Bible is silent or says little. There can be some hard choices to make. So what is right?
Free Ethics and Morality (Part 2)
Ethics and morality are the most controversial subjects of our modern times. On some subjects, the Bible is silent or says little. Living the right wayin Truthcan be a hard thing to do.
Members Only Fear God
True wisdom reveals that God must come first. From this lesson we learn the difference between wise and foolish living, and what it means to "fear God."
Members Only Friendship
This lesson teaches students that friendships are a big deal and inspires kids to be wise when choosing friends and to be faithful in the kind of friend they are to others.
Members Only Injustice
This lesson teaches students that the Lord wants believers to recognize, confront, and correct injustice in a Christlike manner.
Members Only Is Everything Meaningless?
Are we living a life that is rich in meaning, or one that has no meaning at all? In this lesson, students find out that everything is meaningless apart from God.
Members Only It Is Not Meant to Divide Us
This lesson inspires students to unite around the purpose of Revelation instead of dividing over its interpretation.
Free New Years
Teen Sunday school lesson for a new year, which teaches that Jesus is the one who makes all things new.
Members Only Obadiah
Through the shortest book in the OT, Obadiah, students learn that they should not live lives of arrogance, but rather they should help those who suffer, even if the suffering are our enemies.
Free Overview of Proverbs
Students are inspired to desire wisdom and gain a basic understanding of the structure and themes of Proverbs.
Members Only Proverbs
A lesson series on the book of wisdom - Proverbs
Members Only Purity
This lesson teaches students how they can remain pure, turn their ears to wisdom, and hide God’s word in their hearts.
Members Only The Kingdom: King Solomon
Through this lesson, students see that wisdom is the most valuable quality anyone can possess.
Members Only The Pursuit
In this lesson, students learn from the wisdom of Solomon about the importance of putting our trust in God as the source for our contentment, and not the pursuit of worldly treasures.
Members Only The Supremacy of Faith
Students learn that faith is the centerpiece of a life well-lived.
Members Only The Wisdom of Fearing the Lord
An introduction to the book of Proverbs which helps students understand what wisdom is, how to obtain it and it's ultimate goal for their lives.
Members Only The Wise & The Foolish
No one thinks they are a fool, but so many of us are not living according to wise principles. In this lesson, we learn from the ancient words of Solomon how to live wisely today.
Free The Writings
The Wisdom Writings guide us as we experience the joys and struggles of everyday life. These books encourage us to make wise choices, living our lives in a manner that would please God and shun the foolish lifestyle that leads to death.
Free Truth or Dare? (Part 1)
A bibical study on Truth, how it effects us and how we can live in the Truth. (Part 1 of a two part series)
Members Only You: Woman of Godliness
“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised” Proverbs 31:30
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