Word of God

The Bible (Holy Scripture)

The Word of God gives us Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.


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Members Only Follow the Instructions
Sometimes the best way to accomplish the task is to completely follow the instructions. We can only accomplish God's Will for us by following His Instructions.


Free Bible Authors
Hidden in this word search are the names of thirty-three different authors, who wrote one or more books of the Bible.
Members Only Message in a Bottle
The point of this game is in the message. What will you do with it?
Free Quick Draw
Similar to the game Pictionary®, teams quickly draw out familiar words or phrases from the Bible to gain the most points.
Members Only Whose Voice is That?
We can have confidence that God is talking to us through His Scriptures.


Free Bible Basics
An exhaustive eight lesson walk through the Bible including its purpose, organization and authenticity.
Free How Did We Get The Bible?
First lesson on Bible Basics, lesson emphasis - How Did We Get the Bible?
Members Only Jesus Changes Everything
In this lesson, students will see how Jesus changed everything and that He invites us to change the world in which we live as well.
Members Only Jesus in the Old Testament
In this lesson, students will see how Jesus is referenced in the Old Testament as Savior and King as well as through physical appearances.
Members Only Jesus is Predicted by the Prophets
Through this lesson, students learn that the Old Testament, although written hundreds to thousands of years before the birth of Jesus, contains many prophecies fulfilled by Him.
Members Only Jesus is the Point of the Bible
Through this lesson, students see that Jesus is the central character of the entire Bible.
Members Only Jesus Prepares for Ministry
In this lesson, students study Christ's example on how He prepared for His ministry and how the same principals can be applied to their ministries as well.
Free New Testament Organization (Part 1)
The order and descriptions of the New Testament Books of the Bible from Matthew to Colossians.
Free New Testament Organization (Part 2)
The order and descriptions of the New Testament Books of the Bible from 1 Thessalonians to Revelation
Free Old Testament Organization (Part 1)
The order and the descriptions of the books of the Old Testament of the Bible starting with Genesis to Song of Solomon.
Free Old Testament Organization (Part 2)
The order and descriptions of the Old Testament Books of the Bible from Isaiah to Malachi
Members Only Prayer, Visions, and The End
The final lesson on Daniel alerts students to the spiritual warefare that is taking place around them and encourages them to be champions for Christ
Members Only Study
The first Spiritual Discipline is the regular study of God's Word for understanding, insight, and life-changing application.
Members Only Studying the Bible (Part 1)
This lesson encourages students to develop Spiritual Habits that will help them hear the voice of God through His Word.
Members Only Studying the Bible (Part 2)
This lesson shows us that our study of Scripture should be focused on one thingmaking a difference in our lives. The Bible is meant to change us.
Members Only What is Theology?
This lesson is designed to equip students with an accurate definition of "theology" and produce an understanding of how theology is used in every day life.
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