Truth or Dare (Part 2)

Lesson 7: Living the Truth

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1) To help students see that living a life in Truth only matters when it is done with love
2) To help students avoid hypocrisy by having humility
3) To inspire students to live out each moment in the Truth


Character, Honor God, Humility, Hypocrisy, Light, Morals, Truth, Truthfulness

Scripture Memorization

James 4:10, Matthew 5: 14-16

OPENING PRAYER (5 to 10 minutes)

GROUP BUILDING (15 minutes)

This lesson concludes the Truth or Dare series. To celebrate, bring snacks for the class to enjoy. Allow some time for everyone to mingle and chat before getting started.  

GETTING STARTED (10 minutes)

We’ve talked about so much in the past weeks that it might seem overwhelming to consider all it means to live in Truth.

(Give the students a few moments to write down their answers to the following questions. Then, have a few students share their thoughts with the rest of the class.)

General Discussion:
1. What new thoughts or ideas have you realized from this lesson series?
2. Of the ways we have discussed living in Truth, which was the hardest for you? 

Today, we want to wrap up our study by giving some practical advice on how to live the truth.

DIGGING IN (25 minutes)

There is no doubt that we are supposed to live out our faith in Truth and the Right way. While, we’ll be tempted to compromise what we believe, there is a truth and a proper way to behave. The Scriptures are clear that we, as Christians, are supposed to be different from those who do not follow Jesus.

Read Romans 6:6; Ephesians 4:22-24; Colossians 3:9-10

It is obvious that we are supposed to live differently than we once did and differently than those who are not Christian. There’s little doubt, that is true; however, sometimes living the Truth can become difficult because our motivations get mixed up.

One of the greatest dangers to Christianity, and to you as you seek to live the Truth, is that you will become self-righteous and hypocritical. This was a problem with some religious leaders in Jesus’ time. They were called the Pharisees, and Jesus had some heavy stuff to say to them.

Read Matthew 23:25-28.

Discussion Questions:
1. Of what does Jesus say the Pharisees are guilty?
2. He uses several examples to illustrate their hypocrisy. What are some of them?
3. How does a hypocritical life affect those who are not Christian?
4. Do you think hypocrisy is dangerous to the Church today? Why/why not?

Jesus tells a story that illustrates hypocrisy even more in Luke 18.

Read Luke 18:9-14

Discussion Questions:
1. What is the difference between the two people in this story?
2. In what ways is an everyday life similar to this?
3. Do you know people who flaunt their good deeds?
4. Why is it preferable to be humble?

Jesus is clear—hypocrisy is not the way to live. In fact, if you are self-righteous and put your trust in your own goodness, you are committing one of the gravest sins of all. We are never called to live a righteous life to draw attention to ourselves.

Read Matthew 5:14-16

Discussion Questions:
1. According to this passage, are we supposed to live a good life, “shining our light?” (Yes.)
2. Why are we supposed to live like this, so that people will glorify us? (No.)
3. Who is supposed to be glorified when people see our lives? (God.)

You are not called to live truth so that you can be known as a good person or as a nice guy or a sweet girl. You are called to live rightly so that people will see the way that you live and glorify God. It’s all about drawing attention to Him, not us.

MAKING IT REAL (10 minutes)

At the beginning of this lesson series weeks ago, we discussed various scenarios of right and wrong. Let me paint one last scenario for you.

Imagine you lived the truth. You determined to honor Jesus with your life, recognizing right and wrong, and living it out in practical ways. You were selfless with your money, you were nice to people, you respected others, you demonstrated self-control…all that stuff.

• What would people’s perspective of you be?
• What would your closest friends see differently in you?
• What would your parents think about those transformations?
• How do you think non-believers would respond differently to you?
• What do you need to change?

All of us have areas of our life we need to surrender to Jesus more fully. And there’s no doubt that we will still struggle to tell the truth, to make good decisions, and to stay on track. But chances are, over time, you’ll find that you are making progress.

You’ll realize that you aren’t gossiping anymore, you're no longer disrespecting authorities, that you’re living in truth. When that happens, avoid becoming proud and hypocritical. A hypocrite is good for self-glorification. A disciple is good for God’s glorification.

Check out James 4:10. It’d be a good verse to memorize.

CLOSING PRAYER (10 minutes)

So now that we’re at the end of this study on right and wrong, let’s finish up by doing just that—let’s humble ourselves. Everyone kneel where you are. I’m going to lead you in some prayer exercises, and I just want you to follow along. After I mention each point, I'll pause for a while so you can take time to ask God personally to give you the ability to honor Him with that area of your life. Let’s kneel and pray:

(Pause for about 30 seconds after reading each point. Read slowly and deliberately. At the end, say Amen.)

Pray that...
...God gives you the ability to discern right from wrong, truth from lies  
...God helps you find your value in Him  
...That you will be an honest person and not lie  
...That you will be kind to others, even those who are hard to be kind to  
...That you will respect your parents, teachers, church leaders, and all authority figures  
...That you will have self-control and will avoid over-indulging  
...That you will trust God to supply your needs  
...That you will not worship money or things, but God alone  
...That your words will lift others up—not tear them down  
...That you will not gossip or use filthy language  
...That in in all of this, you will have humility, not wish to be recognized, but instead will glorify God


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