A joyful occasion for special festivities to mark some happy event (See also fellowship)

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Free Let's Party
A great celebration is not the same for everyone. By sharing what your ideal party would be like, you can also reveal a little about yourself.


Members Only Christmas Past, Christmas Present
Student Ministry Drama - Alex's bitter experience of Christmas past leads to his receiving the true joy of Christmas present. (10 speaking parts, about 30 minutes)
Free October Glow
A great skit to perform during the Halloween season. Two young adults celebrating a familiar fall festival in a non-traditional way gives one a new kind of glow. A halloween skit for teens. (2 speaking parts, about 15 minutes)

Tips for Leaders

Free Special Events: Celebrating Rites of Passage
One of the most satisfying things in working with teenagers is watching them grow from kids into young men and women.


Members Only 3 Things To Do On Thanksgiving
We all have plenty to give thanks for, and our gratitude is to be given to Lord. In this lesson, we find practical ways to make Thanksgiving a special time for forgiveness, rest, and celebration.
Members Only Jesus Wins
The goal of this lesson is to teach students to live as victors as they follow Jesus Christ.
Members Only Last Words of Jesus
This lesson celebrates God’s restoration of His people, His creation, and His personal and eternal presence with His people.
Free Overview of Psalms
Understand the basic structure of the Psalms and motivate students to express themselves to God in greater ways.
Free Palm Sunday
This lesson covers the events of Palm Sunday from all four Gospels. The students discover how the past differing viewpoints about Jesus still relate to us today.
Members Only The Passover
Through this lesson, students learn about Passover and its significance for Christians.
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