Letting others have some of what you have (See also witnessing, giving)

"Share with God's people who are in need, practice hospitality." Romans 12:13

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Members Only Church Building Project
The Church is people sharing their talents and Spiritual gifts. When we isolate ourselves and refuse to share, we miss out on what God wants for us.
Members Only Great Story
Students tell stories about some of the great experience in their lives and compare it to sharing the Good News of Christ.
Free Helping the Blind See
Meet some modern-day, blind beggars who just needed to be touched by Jesus to see the light.
Free Life's Hurdles
Life's problems wouldn't be called "hurdles" if there wasn't a way to get over them.


Free Five Things You Need To Know About Me
An icebreaking game that was designed to discover interesting or humorous facts about each other.
Free Pass It On
Sharing our faith is not always easy, but in this simple game, we see how others benefit when we do.


Free More than Enough
God knows what we need, but gives us so much more. This lesson in Philippians shows the importance and urgency of helping others in need.
Members Only Psalm 23
This lesson teaches students that Jesus is a loving shepherd who loving guides us to house of the Lord.
Free The Truth About Money
How much do we worship money or the things it buys? When we are attached to money, it becomes our master instead of God.
Members Only Unity and Generosity
This lesson studies the importance of unity and generosity as the early Church grew as well as in the Church today.
Members Only We Are the Body
When we share our lives we will begin to experience the full joy of being the church. In this lesson, student explore the Spiritual gifting and their role within the Church.
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