God made each of us unique and with a special purpose. (See also peer pressure, worthiness)

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Members Only Compliment Hat
How do others see me? How do I see myself? An activity that is sure to be an encouragement and a boost of self-esteem.
Free How Do Others Read Me?
When you get together and talk with friends, what are you most like? Copy this page and hand out to the class. Great for an icebreaker or group-building exercise.
Members Only How Well Do You Know Me?
Close friendships aren't made overnight, it takes time to really get to know another person.
Free Let's Party
A great celebration is not the same for everyone. By sharing what your ideal party would be like, you can also reveal a little about yourself.
Free Revealing Colors
A friendly way to get to know each other and spread around a little color.
Free Standing On Common Ground
It might be surprising to find out what you have in common with others standing around you.


Free Most Popular
Do you know what teens want to be? In this game, contestants get points for correctly guessing the most popular answers given by their peers.
Free What's My Fancy?
Earn the most points to show how well you know the persons sitting next to you.

Object Talks

Members Only Chisel Away
We are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works. We just need God to do some chiseling.

Tips for Leaders

Free Communication: Organizing Groups for Discussion
Methods to organize small groups for better discussion.


Members Only I Must Be Perfect to Come to Church
We are God's Workmanship created to do good works, but we do not have to be perfect before coming to Christ--Come as you are!
Members Only Kingdom Living
This lesson will help students understand that God has uniquely equipped each of them to work for His Kingdom.
Members Only More Than a Wall
Our life's work shouldn't end with a what, but rather why. Our motivation is what empowers our story to be redemptive, God honoring, and beautiful.
Members Only Peter and Cornelius
This lesson teaches that God loves all people groups and that no one is off limits to the Gospel.
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