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Members Only Mystery, Mystery
There is nothing better than solving a good mystery!
Members Only Partners
A silent search around the room to find a famous counterpart.
Free Standing On Common Ground
It might be surprising to find out what you have in common with others standing around you.
Members Only Strength in Numbers
Some things are impossible to do alone, but with the help of others, we can work together to easily accomplish our goals.


Members Only Angels, Demons, & Humans
A competitive team game, that is full of suspense and action, which mimics the battle between good and evil.
Members Only Back Me Up
As the group grows larger and larger, it becomes more difficult to stand, but it can be done when everyone backs each other up.
Free Bible Authors
Hidden in this word search are the names of thirty-three different authors, who wrote one or more books of the Bible.
Free Blanket Name Game
A fun and fast-paced icebreaker that helps students learn each other's names.
Members Only Chaos Balls
Chaos is quickly introduced into what should be a simple task.
Members Only Church Building
Building great things requires teamwork. God chose people, working together, using their individual gifts and strengths, to overcome any difficulties to build and lead His church.
Members Only Deal or No Deal
This is a fun way to introduce the concept of making deals and making choices.
Free Dizzy Bat Race
A hilarious game that demonstrates the importance of self-control.
Members Only Eliminator
Follow the leader, with a twist!
Members Only Fast Talkers
In this game, you need to talk fast, but think even faster to get your story out.
Free Five Things You Need To Know About Me
An icebreaking game that was designed to discover interesting or humorous facts about each other.
Free Group Juggling
A fast-paced icebreaker that helps students learn each other's names while connecting to the group.
Members Only I Am Famous
Famous celebrities help students break the ice.
Members Only I Got the Music In Me
Students love music; therefore, students love this game.
Members Only Juggling Act
We tend to juggle a lot of different things in life, but Christ should be the center of every priority, not another task on the list.
Members Only Message in a Bottle
The point of this game is in the message. What will you do with it?
Free Most Popular
Do you know what teens want to be? In this game, contestants get points for correctly guessing the most popular answers given by their peers.
Members Only No Ums
A fast past game to avoid saying the wrong thing.
Free Pass It On
Sharing our faith is not always easy, but in this simple game, we see how others benefit when we do.
Members Only Plus One
A game to reveal how quickly stuff adds up, while at the same time testing your memorizing skills.
Free Quick Draw
Similar to the game Pictionary®, teams quickly draw out familiar words or phrases from the Bible to gain the most points.
Members Only Rescue Me!
Do you have the courage and the knowledge to continue it alone, or do you need to be rescued?
Members Only Scoop Up Scuffle
A friendly, yet competitive game, with hilarious results.
Members Only The Hot Button
A fast paced game that pits teams against one another and their knowledge of today's hot topics.
Members Only Time Line
As students race to get to know one another, time is of the essence.
Free Top Ten
A variety of top ten lists for breaking the ice or just for fun. How well can you guess the top ten?
Free Two Truths - One Lie
How easy is it to fall for a lie? A game of deductive reasoning.
Members Only We Will Persevere
A challenging game that requires some skill, and much perseverance.
Free Who Is Leading Whom?
Leaders are not always perfect. Sometimes a true leader is hard to find. However, when we allow Jesus to be the Lord of our life, He will never lead us astray.

Tips for Leaders

Free Outreach: Planning a Gathering
Teenagers love to get together. No matter what kind of gathering you are holding with your students, it’s important that you set things up to succeed.
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